Sep 22, 2017

Hi! My name is Mercy. I am currently taking a degree in Pub. Admin. / and for the extra bucks, I do home lesson tutoring! Ask me anything!

Hi! I am a Medical Doctor, Attending Surgeon and Professor. Ask me anything about your health condition, your medicine subjects or anything related to public health.

Sep 23, 2017

I'm a computer science student, live in Argentina 🇦🇷 I've made a solar panel for my home. Ask me anything.

Sep 23, 2017

Co-founder of an up and coming mobile app: MoneyMeals which helps users find nutritional meals for a low price in their local area. Ask Me Anything!

Jun 8, 2017

Hi! I am a fourth year student of Bachelor of Science and Accountancy. Currently an intern at an agency. Ask Me Anything!

Jun 10, 2017

My name is Steve, 46 years old, from Canberra, Australia. I have a degree in Exercise Science and many years experience in bodybuilding and bodybuilding supplements. Join us for a conversation on the topic and let's set some things straight on some common myths and misunderstandings about the sport. Ask me anything!

Jun 12, 2017

Hi! My name is Tatyana. I'm an English teacher and a freelancer. I'm fond of fitness and healthy living. I use different vitamins and supplements which are very useful and effective. They help me to keep the right weight and be full of energy. Ask Me Anything!

Jun 13, 2017

Online English teacher for over 10 years but my greatest obsession is food and cooking!!! I've had the pleasure of training under my country's hotels, restaurants, and catering companies. I had my own catering company which revolutionized food delivery and catering to wakes and funerals. Yes! It's been an exciting ride. At present, I have my own party-food-to-go business, and I blog! what else? Food, cooking and family! Ask Me Anything!

I'm a professor, public health expert, disaster preparedness planner, and podcaster. AMA!

Sep 21, 2017

#AMA Senior Consultant (Obs & Gynae) & Laparoscopy and Infertility Expert.

Sep 20, 2017

Robot Programming for Hobbyists and Students can be fun. Read my descriptions, then AMA.

Sep 21, 2017

Hi, I am Ishrat, I am a Bengali teacher. I have achieved graduate degree on Bengali. I can teach Bengali. Ask Me Anything about Bengali.

I am and ESL teacher with two small kids and, after searching for something interesting to do from home, I started subtitling movies! My dream job! Ask me anything =)

Sep 18, 2017

#Ama I am a telecommunication engineering student and other than that I have established myself well with Ubuntu, Check samples of my book below and feel free to ask me Anything. I have done CCNA and CEH, You can ask anything in computer programming.

Sep 18, 2017

I am a political science and public relations student but I have been able to do marketing jobs successfully as a side job, for more details AMA.

Sep 22, 2017

Hello everyone, I’m a recent college graduate from Full Sail University for Game Design and Development. I love designing and programming video games, I have also studied all types of the paranormal for more than 18 years. Ask Me Anything!

Sep 20, 2017

Mérida a town that creates a lifestyle for the university students #AMA #blogging

Hi Im Jessa from Phillippines and I am an online English Teacher for Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese, Vietnamese.. Ask me anything

Sep 18, 2017

I am a teacher taking Kenyan sign language. I love reaching out to children with special needs especially the deaf. You can learn more about this if you Ask Me Anything


Sep 16, 2017

I have started an online platform named KeCampus news, all media students in Kenya will have an opportunity to build their reputation at no cost, i will tell you how if you Ask Me Anything.

Hi, guys! I'm a son, a brother, a friend, a student and a blogger! Writing is a way to share a new conception on fashion and lifestyle. AMA about this conception

Hi! 😍 I'm Anne, a man to man TOEFL Teacher from the Philippines. #AMA #AskMeAnything

Ask me or keep scrolling :D AMA (Kamal Mohamed, little 20 years survivor)

I am a college student who wants to start my own business but I have no idea on how should I start. You can call me Rainnielle. Ask me anything!

#AMA Help us become the best student racing team in the country.

Aug 29, 2017

Hello!I am Muhammad Shahab Shah, an expert in Wireless Mobile Communications (3G+4G+5G) and OFDM based Systems. If anyone wanna ask anything about the concerned field, don't hesitate to contact me. I am always here for you. # ASK ME ANYTHING

i'm Aya 23 years old Electronics Engineering student. Language is the only way to communicate with people and Even machine, and my goal for the next 2 years is to master 5 languages. English is my third language already and i just started working as English translator ask me anything.

Sep 8, 2017

I am an IT consultant at Caritas University, Enugu. Also co-founder Zomoge Inspired Clothings. My name is Chris Ozomoge. I'm your host.#Ask me anything#

Aug 21, 2017

Looking for a COMPUTER EXPERT and COMPUTER TECHNICIAN? This is Jojo you can ASK ME ANYTHING. I am an expert.

Sep 18, 2017

I am a self diagnosed bipolar ( and autistic), ask me anything.

Sep 16, 2017

Hi there my name is Saleh I am an actor & dental student anyone interested in acting just ask me I would be happy to help #AMA

Sep 15, 2017

My name is Nadia. I am a teacher of English specialized in Literature and Cinema. But, I love Education and Teaching in general so ASK ME ANYTHING

Jul 18, 2017

Hi, I'm Electronics Engineering student, my team and I are currently designing a smart home system that provides multiple controlling methods like voice commands, mobile app, desktop app and more, ask me anything.

Sep 15, 2017

Hi there! I'm KB. I'm a future educator for elementary students, you're free to ask me anything that is related to teaching profession or educational matters. #AskMeAnything #AMA

Jun 8, 2017

Hi! My name is Sanja. I worked as a freelance translator and French language professor. I am currently on maternity leave. Recently I begin working on Upwork. People ask me will I return to my old job or will I continue working as a freelancer, but you can ask me anything!

Sep 15, 2017

Hi, happy to see you here! I'm Mei an accounting student. Ask about accounting maybe i can help... #Askmeanything#AMA

Hello there! The life coach planner is a universal tool to help you stay organized, achieve your goals, become a better person, dream big, brake barriers and live your life Beyond just existing! I need help to reach my kickstarter goal! Ask me anything about the life coach planner!

Aug 28, 2017

Hi! Software Developer by day, Meditation teacher by night. I work for one of the fastest growing start-up tech companies in the U.S. # Ask Me Anything #

Aug 22, 2017

Expert iOS Developer at Monstar Lab, Inc and a Senior Software Engineer. Do you need help with iOS or any Software queries? AMA

Jun 7, 2017

Hi, My name is Vladimir, and i am 20 years old student of geodesy and geomatics on faculty of technical science, training whole my life. Sports that I have the longest practicing are kickboxing (5 years) and powerlifting/bodybuilding (3 years). Ask Me Anything!

Ink is in our roots: Digital and Offset Printing Services - WePrint, WeprintAMA, AMA

I'm a developmental psychology professor and coach who specializes in helping people with academic and career decisions. I teach Lifespan Development to my favorite group of people - emerging adults! AMA!

Researcher of the University of Granada (Spain) in Marketing. I work in the entrepreneurship area and I love creativity. Now I want to create a personal dynamic blog. Ask me anything!

Aug 13, 2017

Nilima Home--one of the eCommerce shop you can see in the market. Running since 2006. eCommerce have been successfully reigning these days #AMA about eCommerce. I am an expert!

Hi, I’m André a Uruguayan young biologist and PhD student. I’m right now working with Siberian sturgeons with beautiful and endangered fish species. I’m doing some research about how do they reproduce, and hoping to get good results that could help to their conservation. Ask Me Anything! #AMA

Aug 13, 2017

Aliexpress is one of the leading International eCommerce business. I am an Aliexpress expert! Any questions you have? #AMA

Aug 28, 2017

Hi, my name is Ayma. I am a Montessori Teacher and I do coaching online and schools. When I do seminars I interact with many different professions of people, if you have any questions regarding Montessori's profession and how to earn from it online and coaching, ask me anything.

AMA Howling (informal) Vitae (Bio)

Aug 23, 2017

Randy Lozano | a Senior Software Engineer | an Expert | an Accomplished | Skillful Software Developer | Come! Ask me anything!

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